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Is This The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Of All Time?

What Does It Take To Be The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever?

I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to determine the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant. I figured there would be some contestant slips here and there. No big deal. Tiny little blips and bumbles.

But no.

It’s alarming and soul-stealingly (not an actual word) disappointing how many people have messed up BIG TIME on this show. And as much as I really don’t want to make fun of anyone’s intelligence, it’s hard with these.

Because of this, how can you possibly determine the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever?

Is This The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Of All Time? 

worst wheel of fortune contestant
Image: WOF_fans on Instagram

Now that you’re aware how horrible I feel making fun of peoples’ intelligence, let’s not delay in making fun of peoples’ intelligence.

I like to think this guy 👇 (The Best Buttercut Guy) blundered because he was really nervous being on camera. International television! Can you imagine how many of his mother’s friends must have been watching?

I just wonder how long Buttercut dreamed of being on Wheel of Fortune. I mean, probably his whole life, right? And then this.

My favourite part: The host’s response. “Uh, no.”

More Hilarious Wheel Of Fortune Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Now, before you dive into this rabbit hole that I’ve now been in for much longer than I should, know one thing:

People make this stuff up.

When I first started doing my research, for example, I found this image.

wheel of fortune failsIt obviously looks quite crude and shocking. Supposedly, the answer was supposed to be “luck be in the air tonight”.

However, the whole thing was made up. Check out this Snopes article about how it was totally fictional and still managed to set the internet on fire.

So as you seek out more WOF fails that will make you cringe, keep in mind they might not be true. But for most of them… you can’t make this stuff up.

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