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Is Uber Eats about to reduce its employees’ wages?

One of the perks of working downtown Toronto is the plethora of lunch options available via Uber Eats on any given day. A change to the delivery service’s payment model has some people calling for a boycott.

According to one Redditor, Uber Eats is set to cut pay for its delivery drivers by 20-50 per cent Wednesday.

Via /r/Toronto:

For those who have used UberEats before, effective tomorrow the people delivering your food will have their pay slashed by between 20-50%. Uber sent out emails to all their “partners” tonight who deliver for UberEats informing them of the pay (“fares”) are changing. The change is effectively an across-the-board slashing of fares. I’ll provide a breakdown on how the pay cut works at the bottom of this post.

A breakdown is below:
Old UberEATS payout terms: Time = $0 per km Distance = $1.80 per KM -35% Uber deduction Flat rate = $6.50 – 35% Uber deduction

New UberEATS payout terms: Time = $0 per km Distance = $1.05 per KM – 35% Uber deduction Pickup = $2.90 – 35% Uber deduction Drop off = $2.50 – 35% Uber deduction

Some Uber Eats employees took to Toronto streets in protest of the changes. The company released a statement in response to the claims.

So what’s it going to be, are you willing to walk for that poutine or delicious vegetarian fare? Or will you continue to use Uber Eats despite the potential for seemingly unfair practices towards its employees?

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