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Iskwē | Indie88 Black Box Session

Last April, Canadian singer/songwriter Iskwē released her single “I Get High ft. Nina Hagen,” which details personal struggle while paying homage to all things Hagen and cannabis.

“I grew up smoking weed, listening to Nina Hagen, and singing loudly when I knew no one was listening; always self-conscious, always self-aware. Inspired by the freedom of letting go of what others think, ‘I Get High’ isn’t just a song to spark up to,” iskwē shared via press release.

Iskwē paid a visit to Indie88 late last year to perform the track, as well as her song “Waiting For The Laughter.” Watch the stripped-down performances below.

“I Get High”

“This piece was written in response to a painful experience of mine, where I wanted to remind people of the power of love and the importance of supporting each other in this lifetime, rather than trying to cancel each other out. I realized it was finally time to let go of worrying about what people thought of me and my art.”

“Waiting For The Laughter”




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