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Indie88 Premiere: Iskwé Shares ‘The Unforgotten’ ft Tanya Tagaq

Irish and Cree/Dené artist IsKwé is sharing a brand new single today featuring Canadian throat singer Tanya Tagaq, called “The Unforgotten”.

“The Unforgotten” is a dark, politically-charged new track that draws inspiration from R&B, electronic and trip hop genres.

‘The Unforgotten’ is a community song, meant to be shared by all people. It’s what is called a round dance. With each person holding the hand of the person next to them, the round dance forms a circle, connecting us with our ancestors, as one. In the wake of the 150yrs celebrations, I felt it was important to remind everyone that while celebrating each of the wonderful things that make Canada a beautiful and unique place to live, it’s important we remember, honour and acknowledge our darker corners as well.

I’m proud of who we are, as Indigenous people. I’m proud of what we’ve fought for, and how we continue to fight for our culture, our languages, our children, our women, our men, our earth and our water. But I’m also proud of all my non-indigenous family and friends who continue to fight along with us. This song is for all of us. Let’s all dance together!

Listen to “The Unforgotten” below:

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