It’s Dog-Eat-Dog World In New Trailer For Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle Of Dogs’

Things get ruff

Wes Anderon is set to release his next feature film, Isle of Dogs this coming March. The new flick is Anderson’s second stop-motion feature, following Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009.

A first official clip from the film was shared today via Vulture that gives a glimpse into Wes Anderson’s new world. The story revolves around a young boy looking for his dog on an Island inhabited by flu-ridden dogs.

In the clip, two pack of dogs have a standoff before getting into a vicious battle over a pack of food scraps. Ed Norton’s voice can be heard for his character Rex who asks if the scraps are worth fighting over. Once the package’s contents are revealed, the pack’s Alpha, a torn up black hound named Chief (played by Bryan Cranston) gives the go-ahead.

Check it out below:

Isle of Dogs hits screens March 23rd worldwide.