It Was an Honour to Have Gord Downie’s Art in Our Lives

'This one thing doesn't have to go away'

When an artist picks up a pen and starts jotting down words and thoughts, most don’t set out to document a society’s moments of joy, sadness, and incidents that exposed our vulnerabilities or occasions that bring happiness to fill our hearts. No, what we try and do is listen to what is beating inside us and articulate it in a way that other can comprehend and share the raw emotion that created it.

However, when one is able to express themselves in a way that connects with others and a seed of a shared experience is organically planted, well, you get magic…and the magic’s in the music of The Tragically Hip.

For three decades the poetry of Gord Downie has fuelled the songs of the Hip and has struck a chord with Canadians from sea to shining sea. Be it stating the facts , telling a story, or calling out the foibles big and small of our lives and how we live it , we’ve hung on every word.

When someone has given so much to our collective, it’s hard to refer his passing as a loss. It is only a loss in the sense that he leaves us far too young, and with so much more to share.

We are richer for having his art in our lives and it’s our privilege to carry it with us in our travels through life, as it continues to inspire us and make us think and act.

Like the last line of the song ‘Fireworks’ says “this one thing doesn’t have to go away.”

Till we meet again Gordfather.

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