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It’s #BellLetsTalk Day, and the hashtag has been hijacked on Twitter

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, where the telecommunications giant will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives for every every video view on social media, tweet using #BellLetsTalk, use of the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter.

It’s a great campaign that aims to spark engaging conversation, while helping fight the stigma around mental illness. This year’s initiative appears to be off to a somewhat rocky start, though, as many social media users are deploying a hijacked hashtag.

Twitter trolls may have gotten to the campaign early, as not only the official #BellLetsTalk hashtag is trending, but also another similar one which uses a capital-i in place of the second “L” in Bell.

So, if you’re looking to contribute to the conversation today, make sure you double check your hashtag and ensure it includes the official Bell Let’s Talk logo.

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