It’s not the end of Warped Tour after all

The festival will return to three cities in 2019

This summer, Warped Tour claimed to be ending it all after entertaining their fans for a whopping 24 summers. Now, founder Kevin Lyman has revealed that three different cities will be staging Warped Tour festivals in 2019 in honour of their 25th anniversary.

Lyman took to Twitter to reveal that plans were “coming together for @VansWarpedTour 25th.” He even went on to reveal that one would be taking place in Cleveland on June 8th, and there would be another festival from June 29th – 30th on the East Coast, and one from July 20th – 21st on the West Coast.

The mysterious cities have yet to be announced, but it looks like Warped Tour will continue on to celebrate all things punk rock, metalcore, and emo.