It’s the end of an era: The last TTC Metropass goes on sale tomorrow

They'll be on sale from November 23 until December 5

With the introduction of the TTC Monthly Passes on Presto Cards, it was just a matter of time before they got rid of Metropasses entirely. Tomorrow marks the end of an era, as the last TTC Metropass go on sale after almost 40 years.

The milestone is set to be a key part of the TTC’s transition to PRESTO, and by the end of 2019, even tickets and tokens will be discontinued.

The December Metropass will feature the Cabbagetown Neighbours Heritage Mural on Parliament St. by Poonam Sharma and Michael Cavanaugh, and it goes on sale from tomorrow until December 5th.

The pass will be good for unlimited travel throughout the month of December.

The first Metropass was a paper card that required a TTC photo ID to use, and it went on sale on April 7th, 1980. Since then, more than 78 million Metropasses have been sold.

The TTC is now encouraging those who have not yet done so to switch to PRESTO before January. “TTC Monthly Passes and 12-Month Passes are available on PRESTO,” the TTC explained in a statement. “These passes cost the same and provide the same unlimited travel as a regular Metropass or Metropass Discount Plan (MDP).

Read the full statement below.