Indie88 Video Premiere: Ivory Hours ‘Shadow Kids’

Canadian band follows up new album with a brand new video

Earlier this summer Ivory Hours released their latest album Dreamworld, which featured the band’s new single “Shadow Kids.” Now, the Canadian indie band has followed up with a new music video, which sees an exciting and high-energy take on the latest single.

Here is what the band had to say about the video:

“Our society has come a long way in providing equal rights for women, but some of that success has been superficial. ‘Shadow Kids’ is about identifying the less visible aspects of sexism, and gaining the confidence to rise above them. We still indirectly condition young girls with homemaking toys and statements like ‘take it like a man,’ while using femininity as a derogatory term. Women are constantly subjected to men’s sense of sexual entitlement with verbal and physical harassment that many still consider ‘innocent’. Don’t let these people determine your sense of self-worth. Don’t be afraid to fight back. It might make you unpopular, but you won’t be alone.”