Jack is Jill

In the big box of music from Canadian Music week, I found this:
The sweet photo of the two caught my attention. After listening to the album, I went online to find out more. I discovered that neither is called Jack or Jill.
Valentina Cean and Ben Cardilli are the Montreal based duo behind “Jack is Jill.” They describe themselves as “what happens when a bilingual, closet indie-folk singer crash-lands her hot-air balloon into a genre chameleon’s electric enclosure.”
Valentina’s voice is sweet and I love that she sings in both French and English. She and Ben sound nice together and, as you’ll see in the video, clearly just love music.
My favourite of the two songs on their demo is ” And they’re Off…”. I think it could have done without the rap interlude but take a listen and decide for yourself.  Here’s the video:

You can find Jack is Jill on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JackIsJill.

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