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Jack White calls out homophobic security at Edmonton show

Last Friday, Jack White’s North American tour stopped at Rogers Place in Edmonton, where an usher attempted to stop Allyson MacIvor from kissing her partner. White spoke about the incident onstage at his next concert, where he dedicated “Love Interruption” to the couple.

After the incident, MacIvor took to Facebook to report the homophobic event where, during the final encore, she kissed her partner. “We were immediately interrupted by a young Rogers Place worker, who pulled me to the side, away from my seat, waving her finger disapprovingly, saying ‘that’s not allowed here,'” MacIvor wrote.

After the concert, the worker marched MacIvor and her partner to the manager’s office to recount the tale. The manager and the rest of the arena staff were extremely apologetic, not sharing the values of the young worker.

White has shared a message on Instagram using a photograph of two young women kissing at a Beatles concert to promote love and acceptance of all kinds.

Check out the post and message below.

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