Jack White is Helping Restore the Iconic House From ‘The Outsiders’

He's donating $30,000 to fix up the house we all know and love

House of Pain founder Danny O’Connor recently bought the house featured in the classic 1980s coming of age film, “The Outsiders.” In 2015, O’Connor, one part of the group behind the 90s classic “Jump Around,” bought the house for $15,000.

Jack White has donated $30,000 to help preserve the iconic house and help meet the $75,000 fundraising goal to transform it into The Outsiders House Museum. The museum is dedicated to preserving the home and memorabilia used in the film, and even sells limited addition merchandise.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a teen gang in rural Oklahoma called the Greasers, who are at odds with a rival group, the Socials.

Watch the original trailer here: