Jack White Trash Talks Rolling Stone and Foo Fighters During Set

Jack White slams Rolling Stone's content and Foo Fighters' stage show in onstage rant

During his show Wednesday night in Boston, Jack White went on a “Kanye West-esque” rant about the integrity of Rolling Stone‘s music journalism and Foo Fighters’ live show.

He accused Rolling Stone of abandoning their musical roots, joking that their website is “brought to you by the Kardashian family.” He also said that Foo Fighters have a second guitar player to play all the same parts as the first and cover up any mistakes.

You can listen to Jack’s rant here:

Foo Fighters posted a cheeky response on Twitter, though it didn’t seem like there was much fire behind it:

A PR statement was issued later to the “dream-makers of the media” by Jack White’s crew, saying that Jack’s antics were in jest and that “Jack has the upmost respect for the Foo Fighters and communicated with Grohl this morning.” They mentioned nothing about his shot at Rolling Stone, though, so it looks like Jack’s standing his ground on that one.

(Main Image: David James Swanson)