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James Corden Embodies Slash, Bowie in New Apple Music AD

After binging on countless episodes of Carpool Karaoke, it’s obvious that James Corden doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The Late Late Show talk show host is the face behind Apple Music’s new campaign, but he had to embody a few classic pop-culture acts to get our attention.

During Sunday night’s Emmy awards broadcast, Corden appeared in Apple Music’s new promo, as part of a new marketing campaign for the new $10 per month subscription service. The British funnyman appeared alongside three (real) Apple executives, pitching potential ad ideas for the new update. But since Corden is oh-so original, his pitches weren’t exactly as direct as they’d hope.

The back and forth banter had Corden acting out different scenarios, including one where he resembles every Spice Girl.

The ad has received a mixed reception, with some believing Apple could do better. What do you think? Check out the advertisement in the player above.

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