Indie88 Premiere: Jane’s Party Shares ‘You’re The Light’

An undeniably catchy tune from Toronto rockers

Toronto rock group Jane’s Party have shared anthemic single “You’re The Light” with a video to boot.

“You’re The Light” is a genre-blending, upbeat alternative pop track that encapsulates Jane’s Party energetic live performances. This latest song continues growth the group went through both thematically and conceptually on their 2016 album, Tunnel Visions. Shimmering with pristine pop, Jane’s Party doesn’t shy away from touching on more mature and darker subject matter. “You’re The Light” is a collaboration between the band and Fast Romantics’ Matthew Angus.

Matching the single’s themes, the new video is an extravaganza of dazzling lights and colours paired with a highly enthusiastic performance by the band. The video’s director, Julian Peters wrote to Indie88 about how the video came about:

“Being primarily a visual piece, You’re the Light was a true collaboration with Nathan Whitford of Urban Visuals. Nathan brought to the table a number of lighting pieces that don’t normally exist in the video world. We worked extensively with custom RGB LED fixtures which brought a whole different level of versatility to the lighting design of this piece. I’ve never been on such a colourful set, and yet we didn’t use any coloured gels the entire time.”

“From the get go,” he adds, “this video was meant to showcase one of the major draws of Jane’s Party, their live performances and their stage presence. They are an absolute treasure to witness on stage, and an even bigger delight to work with.” Watch the video below: