Janet Weiss’ sister launches GoFundMe for the former Sleater-Kinney member after car accident

Weiss sustained a broken left collarbone and fractures in both legs

Janet Weiss, who’s known for drumming in renowned acts like Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, and Wild Flag, sustained numerous injuries on August 10th when her vehicle was hit by a speeding car. Now, her sister Julie is launching a GoFundMe to help with Janet’s medical expenses.

Due to the accident, Weiss suffered a broken left collarbone and fractures in both legs, which will force her to use a wheelchair throughout the entirety of the 12-week healing process. This has forced Weiss to cancel a tour with Quasi and Slang.

“Because she will be in a wheelchair and out of work for at least three months, she will need help with the costs insurance doesn’t cover, like: out-of-pocket medical bills, nursing care, physical therapy, the wheelchair ramp that was installed at her house, and paying for her monthly expenses while she can’t work,” Julie wrote.

You can donate to Weiss’ GoFundMe here.