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Japanese Breakfast shares ethereal new track ‘Glider’ for ‘Sable’ soundtrack

Michelle Zauner has shared a new single as Japanese Breakfast, “Glider.” The track comes from the forthcoming soundtrack for the video game Sable.

“Glider” is one of only three songs on the soundtrack to have lyrics. While the song definitely isn’t a typical Japanese Breakfast tune, Zauner channels an amazing new sound. The ethereal new tune comes packed with dreamy, floating melodies. “Glider” is perfect for Sable, as it teleports you to somewhere new altogether. Zauner says that she was inspired by film scorers like Alan Menken and Joe Hisaishi.

“I was so lucky Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis from Shedworks invited me onto this game so early on,” Zauner says. “I was immediately captivated by the world they’d built, a desert planet filled with mysterious natural and architectural wonders, and the story they’d imagined, one of a young girl coming of age through exploration. It was important to me that each biome in this world felt unique.”

Listen to “Glider” below.

“Glider” isn’t the first track from the soundtrack to be released. “Better the Mask” was shared in a trailer for the game.

Sony has also launched pre-orders for a 2xLP vinyl edition of the Sable soundtrack. Pre-order it here!

Japanese Breakfast recently shared a cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Romulus.”

Zauner’s cover stays true to the original 2003 Michigan tune. The acoustic performance was recorded for Sirius XMU at New York City’s Electric Lady Studios. Maintaining Stevens’ gentle sounds, Zauner adds more lush sounds to “Romulus.”

Japanese Breakfast takes the original tune and truly leans into the piano lines while letting her vocals float through the tune. She also swaps out Stevens’ “Romulus” banjo line for some light acoustic guitar.

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