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Jason Collett “Reckon”

With Reckon, Collett makes the political personal and joins the list of his heroes such as Kris Kristofferson, Neil Young and Woody Guthrie, songwriters determined to speak out about their times.” The National Post

Toronto based singer-songwriter (and Broken Social Scene member) Jason Collett has released his 5th solo album “Reckon.” Fans can treat themselves to an accompanying iBook (for free!) that features artwork, handwritten lyrics, and interviews with policitian/musician Andrew Cash, producer Howie Beck, and others.

This year Collett toured Canada with Bahamas, toured Europe with Dan Mangan, and is finishing off the year with Toronto shows. An all-star show at the Great Hall is December 20th, and he’ll curate a Basement Revue Series Show at The Dakota Tavern December 27th.

In the new year, Collett will make his theatrical debut in the play “Cowboy Mouth” written by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith in 1971. The show starts January 30th at The Cameron House.


(Some NSFW language in this video)


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