JC Penny sent home a 17 year old for wearing shorts she bought at the store

Shorts she bought in the career section

Sylva Stoel, a 17 year old girl from South Dakota was about 10 minutes into her shift at J.C. Penny when her boss approached her to change her shorts because they were “too revealing”. The kicker? She bought those shorts in the “career style” section of the very same store.

“I bought [the shorts] thinking they were pretty professional,” Stoel told Fox59. “They didn’t show anything other than my legs, which I don’t think is too provocative.”

Rather than go home, Stoel made a statement and quit on the spot. According to J.C. Penny, shorts of any kind are unnaccceptable work wear, something which Stoel claims was never mentioned to her in training.

Either way, maybe they should reconsider what is career-wear and what isn’t. We can’t keep up.