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Hidden Jeep Easter Eggs: Have You Found The Secret “Flourish” On Your Jeep??

Did You Know Your Jeep Has A Discreet And Unique “Flourish” Somewhere?

So you’re about to put gas in your Jeep, and something catches your eye. At first it looks like it might scamper away on you… but after a closer look, you see that it’s a spider. Not a real spider, but a little stamp of a spider that you never saw before. You’ve just discovered your first of many Jeep ‘Easter eggs’.

Jeep Has Been Hiding “Easter Eggs” For A Long Time Now

jeep easter eggs
Image: @exfiloffroad on Instagram

Since 1997, Jeep has been hiding little visual surprises in different areas of their vehicles. Also known as ‘flourishes’, these clever little surprises can pop up when you least expect them. Some people know about them, and go hunting for them (hence the name ‘Easter egg’) but others are caught completely by surprise.

Since the late 1990s, these visual gifts have been surprising Jeep lovers all over the place. The term ‘Easter egg’ is a reference to their secretive location, as well as the fact that they are small treats. Many of them pay homage to Jeep’s extensive history.

These little hidden objects, animals, and icons have become famous among Jeep-people; some of them as recognizable as the ubiquitous Jeep logo itself.

Why Did They Begin The Tradition?

The first version of these vehicular surprises was revealed in 1997. Vehicle designer Michael Santoro was given a limited budget to create a new design, and wanted to leave a mark on the lineage of the vehicle design. He incorporated the iconic seven-slot grill image onto the vehicles’s cowl.

The design itself served a practical purpose: it helped to allow air to flow into the vehicle. It also kick-started the Jeep Easter egg concept, and the brand decided to run with it from there.

So, What Is A “Jeep Easter Egg” Anyways

jeep easter eggs
Image: @amy.orcutt on Instagram

In short, a Jeep Easter egg is just a little icon or image hidden in various places of different Jeep models. However, they’ve come to mean much more to Jeep owners.

These days, Jeep designers have kept up this little tradition, finding new ways to surprise and delight Jeep owners with visual treats.

From the Cherokee to the Wagoneer, the designs are varied and becoming more and more custom and creative. So every time a Jeep person gets a new vehicle, they have those little surprises to look forward to.

Where Are Easter Eggs On Jeeps Normally Hidden?

You can find these small flourishes stamped on wheels, on back windows, in the gas tank area, and under windshield wipers. In addition to these places, Jeep is always coming up with new and interesting places to hide their surprises.

Check out these pics for some insider info on where you can find these fascinating little surprises!

jeep easter eggs
Image: @hawaiiliftedjeeprentals on Instagram
jeep easter eggs
Image: @willyspassword on Instagram
jeep easter eggs
Image: @just_jeep_life on Instagram
jeep easter eggs
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jeep easter eggs
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jeep easter eggs
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