Jelly Belly creator David Klein announces cannabis infused jelly beans

Every single bean will contain 10 mg of CBD

Jelly Belly creator David Klein has just announced that he’ll be creating a new brand of jelly beans with his CBD-infused candies.

Spectrum Confections will be selling packs of their Spectrum Jelly Beans, which will have 800 pieces each. The company has revealed that the candies will come in 38 flavours like toasted marshmallow and piña colada, and every single bean contains 10 mg of CBD.

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I love me some candy with CBD.

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“The reason why I got back into this jelly bean business with CBD after all these years is it actually works,” Klein explained, according to the Daily Hive. “My wife got into an accident, she fell down in a hotel in Colorado. She was in tremendous pain and from that point on she took a tonic that took CBD.” As a result, Klein got into the business to help others like his wife.

According to Klein, his products are available anywhere in the United States, and he hopes to extend to Canada once they “put the green light” on edibles.