Jen is the New Voice of Indie88

After thousands of votes, Indie88 has a new voice

Get ready to hear a lot more of “Jen” on Indie88! After nearly 1,500 auditions from listeners and thousands of votes for the five chosen finalists, Indie88 has announced the winner in the “Be The Voice of Indie88” contest.

Jennifer Mercer will be the new voice of the radio station (you know, that voice you hear in-between songs that says the name of the station) and win a cash prize of $1,000 every month for a year. Jen is a Torontonian who has held a variety of part-time jobs, including being a Katy Perry impersonator – a job she said she is anxious to put behind her now that she’s won. She’s also a copywriter, graphic design professor and plays in a band.

“Thank you SO much for this wonderful opportunity. I’m beyond touched that people would vote for me to work at my dream job,” Jen said after finding out that she had won.

Jen was announced as the grand prize winner Monday morning, October 27th at 8:10am on The Morning After with Brian, Matt & Candice, live on Indie88.

After carefully listening to all 1,435 auditions, the radio station narrowed the field down to five finalists and then turned it over to Indie88’s listeners to decide the new voice of their radio station. Thousands of listeners voted for their favourite voice at and in the end, Jen was the fan favourite, winning a one-year contract, including coaching, studio time, production and a $1,000 cash prize each month.

Congratulations Jen, and a special thank you to all who voted and entered, especially our five finalists: Jennifer Mercer, Chris Simon, Guillermo Albert, Liam Gadsby and Lauren Wing.

Jennifer Mercer

Who are you? Jennifer Mercer

What do you do for money? Voiceover, Singing, Impersonating, Copywriting, Teaching.

What do you do for fun? Music, Exploration, Meditation, Stars, Scrabble.

Why should you win? Love Indie88, deliver fresh voicing and cupcakes!