Joaquin Phoenix ‘Top Choice’ To Play Joker In Standalone Film

Film being produced by Martin Scorsese

I’m Still Here actor Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to be the next actor to don the green hair for an upcoming Joker film.

DC films and Warner Bros. is currently working on a standalone Joker film, separate from Jared Leto’s character in the Suicide Squad series, with Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Martin Scorsese behind the wheel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips will direct the film, co-writing with Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter) with Scorsese serving as executive producer.

Initially it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was in talks to play the Joker in the upcoming film. That decision looks to have been tabled.

This isn’t the first time Phoenix has been offered a superhero role in a movie. The actor was offered and passed on the role of Lex Luthor in the Batman V. Superman film from the same world, and of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe. That being said, the actor has reportedly agreed to take on the role, despite not yet having entered negotiations.

Past actors who have played the Joker include Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamil, Heath Ledger, Kevin Michael Richardson and most recently Jared Leto.