John Lennon’s Long Lost Guitar Is Up for Auction

After 50 mysterious lost years, the legendary instrument has been found

A guitar that was used to write some of the most iconic pop hits and ballads of all time has been MIA for the past several decades, but now it’s back.

John Lennon purchased his J-160E Gibson acoustic in 1962 and used it to record “Love Me Do.” He also reportedly used it in writing sessions with Paul McCartney during classics like “She Loves You,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Please, Please, Me,” “All My Loving,” and more.
The guitar disappeared the following winter during a show (likely stolen), but was purchased in the 70s. San Diego guitarist John McCaw unknowingly bought it for “a couple hundred bucks.” It wasn’t until a friend of his noticed the uncanny similarity the Gibson had to a photo in a Beatles book that the instrument was identified.

The serial number, appearance, and wood grain are all identical — there’s no doubt this is the real thing. It’ll be up for auction this fall, after being on display in two exhibitions over the summer in Texas and LA. It’s expected to bring in over half a million dollars.