John River Shares His Ongoing Battle With A Debilitating Illness

Mississauga rapper is pleading for help

Mississauga rapper, John River, has taken to Twitter to reveal his battle with a crippling yet undiagnosed illness. He is now calling on the public to help him find the necessary medical treatment and doctor(s) to help him.

On Thursday night (Jan. 19), the rapper, born name Matthew Derrick-Huie, unveiled to Twitter the health issues he has been facing over the last month. He told followers about his chest pains, breathing troubles, light sensitivity, temporary blindness and depressive episodes that led him to multiple hospital visits with inconclusive diagnoses.

“Good Evening,” reads the first tweet. “My name is Matthew Derrick-Huie, I’m 23 years old my birthday is September 29th 1994 and I live in Mississauga, ON Can. I’m speaking my Mom will be typing these messages. I’m sick and I need immediate help. The following thread is my story.”

In the several tweets to follow, River tells readers that problems started on December 9, 2017 when he checked himself into a Mississauga Hospital. He was having chronic chest aches all year but the pain worsened through the month of November and December.

His breathing slowly became normal and was fully conscious once paramedics arrived. He’s had this happen to him before and knew he would be taken to the hospital for it to be checked out.

Doctors asked River what kind of pain he’d been experiencing. He explained what the pain he thought was similar to, and once those results were determined inconclusive, he was sent home.

The pain did not go away the following day. This searing pain was located on the his upper right breast and resulted in him going to the hospital again to be diagnosed with Pericarditis.

He was offered medication in hopes that it would help alleviate some of the pain he was going through. He was advised that if it did not help to come back and they would reassess him.

As the thread continues, River tells his recurring hospital visits always ended with being told that nothing was wrong. Although himself, as well as his family, were not convinced.

After many tests and unanswered questions, River says the doctors decided to send him to a psychiatric ward to see if his symptoms are being triggered by an anxiety disorder.

River says he knows something is wrong, but now believes the people trying to diagnose him might not.

When time rolled around to Christmas Eve, River’s headaches were becoming more painful and had extremely bad light sensitivity. His mother rushed him back to the hospital, knowing that her son’s health was worsening. Due to the intense, burning lights, River fainted when they got the emergency room.

John River started to experience his loss in vision. He had to wrap a towel over his head due to the burning lights and keep his head down to give him full darkness.

He goes to his family doctor and from after an examination on his ribs, he finds out he has costochondritis – an injured rib.

Unfortunately, that did not seem to clear things up. Seven days later, River says he was back at the doctor’s with the same pain and was told it’s from depression and extreme anxiety. Two weeks ago, as the painful fog kept lingering, dark thoughts start to sink in.

River started to believe he has a CSF leak, which could be what is affecting his entire body. When they went to a doctor with the that fear, the news they got was even worse.

In a plea to Twitter, he wrote “I’ve fallen through the cracks of our health care system. My family and friends have done everything they can, but they can’t do any more.”

“I will be honest with you, any doctor that has seen me will probably tell you I have lost my mind,” he states. “With all due respect, I disagree. They don’t know me like you do. If you think you know anybody who can help my family at this time, please send an email to”

On January 19, 2018, River’s father gave anxious followers some updates. One being, as much as they appreciate people offering money to help the family, they refuse to take it. Two being, he tested negatively for a lot of other health problems. “Lyme disease, Meningitis, Heart disease & CT scan with dye showed brain looks normal. Multiple blood test all came back normal as well.” His father’s tweets stated.

River’s believes what he is going through can’t be classified as one thing. Multiple problems may be contributing to what he is experiencing.

If you, or anyone you may know, might be able to help out John River, email his family at

(Photo by REESEE ZIGGA ZAGGA via Instagram)