Emily Haines Says Smiths’ Guitarist Johnny Marr Helped Her Through Manchester Show

"That was really brutal, brutal, to be there"

This past June, Broken Social Scene were set to play in Manchester, only 24 hours after a terror attack occurred at an Ariana Grande’s concert. In a recent interview, Metric’s Emily Haines who is also a touring member of Broken Social Scene explained how The Smith’s Johnny Marr assisted her through the difficult performance.

The artist explained to Exclaim! that she had initially felt uncomfortable about performing BSS song “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl,” given the nature of the song’s lyrics.

“It’s just so strange to have words that you never could have anticipated turn out to be that poignant,” Haines told Exclaim!. “There were 17-year-old girls who were at this concert, who were targeted. That’s what it felt like. That was really brutal, brutal, to be there. And that song, like how fucking weird to sing those lines? It was like ‘No, this is not what I meant!'”

“Johnny Marr came through at the last minute,” said Haines. “After Kevin said it’s going to be ‘Anthems’ he said, ‘OK, I’ll do it.’ And that changed it for me. He’s from Manchester. That made a huge difference. We could just say, ‘This is about your city, this is about you.’ Everybody, band together, we will overcome this. It was more about civic pride and I was able to just use the song to shine that light.”