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Jonathan Personne pays tribute to dying arts on new single ‘Rock & roll sur ton chemin’

Montreal musician Jonathan Personne has shared a new single, “Rock & roll sur ton chemin.”

The track comes from his forthcoming third album, which will be his first full-length record on Bonsound. On the track, Jonathan Personne devotes himself to a dying genre, insisting on keeping it alive. With gritty, dynamic instrumentals and dreamy vocal lines, “Rock & roll sur ton chemin” is a tribute to people who still practice dying arts.

“Devoting oneself to a genre destined to failure, there’s something pathetic about it, but also something very beautiful,” Jonathan Personne explains.

Listen to “Rock & roll sur ton chemin” below.

Not only does Jonathan Personne lean in to the rock & roll genre lyrically, but melodically as well, with catchy rock riffs and a killer guitar solo.

His forthcoming third album is “a collection of eight trcks that unfold like a series of gloomy tales with vivid and explosive musical dynamics,” a press release explains. “At once candid, sinister, light and brutal, this new self-titled album is built on a striking duality, announced from the start by its cover – an illustration by personne on which two children discover the remains of a dead body.”

From there, the album establishes its on world of ghostly spirits, mysteries, and peculiar creatures.

Personne took to a cottage with an acoustic guitar, where he recorded the album. When he went back to the studio with Samuel Gougoux (drums), Julian Perreault (guitar), Mathieu Cloutier (Bass) and Emmanuel Éthier (production, violin, synthesizer, mellotron, vocals), it took on a new sound entirely.

Pre-order Jonathan Personne’s new album here or check out the tracklist below.

Jonathan Personne Tracklist:

01 – “À présent”
02 – “Gold Rush”
03 – “Un homme sans visage”
04 – “Deux yeux au fond d’une pièce noire”
05 – “Après tout”
06 – “Le fou dans l’arbre”
07 – “Rock & roll sur ton chemin”
08 – “Goudron et plumes”

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