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Jonny Dovercourt Reinstated as Wavelength Artistic Director

The board of directors for Wavelength released a statement Friday addressing allegations of workplace harassment against artistic director Jonathan Bunce, who is known to the Toronto music community as Jonny Dovercourt.

Bunce has been reinstated to his position of artistic director following a weeks-long inquiry conducted by a third-party investigator. According to a release from Wavelength, the “investigation found no evidence to support the allegations that Bunce fostered a hostile work environment during the complainant’s time with organization.”

Bunce stepped down from his position in July after claims of workplace harassment were levied against him. A former Wavelength volunteer-turned-employee alleged that Bunce had bullied her and mistreated her prior to her dismissal in 2015.

Polaris Music Prize-winning artist Lido Pimienta spoke out in support of the former Wavelength employee in July, while also raising claims related to mistreatment of artists and gripes over compensation.

Wavelength’s board of directors addressed issues concerning “everything from equity to artist payment” in its statement.

While the inquiry saw no evidence of wrongdoing, other conversations arose during this time that related to everything from equity to artist payment, which we are looking forward to discussing in an upcoming open forum. We have engaged Jeanne LeSage of LeSage Arts Management, a certified human resource specialist with considerable experience in the performing arts sector to help us plan this event, at which the community will have a chance to freely discuss its hopes for Wavelength and our future. More details will be released as a date and venue for this occasion are confirmed.

The fourth annual Camp Wavelength festival took place at Fort York Garrison Common earlier this month.

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