Josh Homme and Alex Turner read iPhone notes, discuss songwriting on Beats 1

Notes of wisdom

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme hosts “The Alligator Hour” on Apple Music Beats 1, and welcomed Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner on his latest show. They discussed Turner’s songwriting process, all before checking each others iPhone notes for good ideas.

Homme revealed that he uses the Notes app to jot down “literature or fine writing based on trivial or mundane subject matters” and he has “tons of ideas at three in the morning.”

Turner’s entries included “It’s my headache” and “John Lennon as a TV chef,” and Homme’s included “Put glass in front of everything.”

Their conversation will continue on next week’s episode (August 5).

In the meantime, here’s “One For The Road”:

(Photo by scannerFM via Flickr)