Josh Homme says he’s open to a Kyuss reunion

The QOTSA frontman left the band in 1995

In conversation with Kyuss World Radio about the 25th anniversary of Kyuss’s fourth and final album, …And The Circus Leaves Town, singer-songwriter Josh Homme intimated that he’s given some serious thought to a formal reunion.

The band split shortly after drummer Brant Bjork suddenly left the band, and in 2012 Homme and former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder hit Bjork and former Kyuss frontman John Garcia with a lawsuit after they launched a new band called Kyuss Lives!

Fans of the influential “stoner metal” band have long yearned for a reunion, and it appears that at the very least, it’s now a possibility.

“But to be honest with you, and to answer your question, there have been times I thought it cannot end that way,” Homme told Kyuss World Radio. “And the only real way to end it correctly now would be to play. And because they sort of perverted the punctuation and they knocked the wing off this beautiful dragon that’s an ice sculpture, and the only way to put the motherfucking wing back on would be to play again.”

Homme went on to form Queens of the Stone Age following Kyuss’s split. Garcia has continued to play Kyuss music under various monikers over the years, but he formally abandoned the Kyuss Lives! project in 2012 Kyuss Lives! and changed the band’s name to Vista Chino.

Image via Flickr/Takahiro Kyono