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Josie Dye Launches New Podcast ‘Cynthia and Josie’s Unmentionables’ with Cynthia Loyst

So as you may have heard, I have a new project I’ve been working on that launched this week!

It’s called Cynthia & Josie’s “Unmentionables” and it’s a celebration of all of those messy, uncomfortable and embarrassing moments that make life interesting.

It’s hosted by me and Cynthia Loyst (co-host of CTV’s The Social) and the first episode… well it’s a doozy (Warning: Mature content)

It involves an elaborate lie that I told to my co-hosts, Carlin and Brent.

Now before you judge me, let me try to explain. Have you ever had something soooo mortifyingly embarrassing happen to you… something so gross and weird you couldn’t tell anyone about?

Well that’s what happened to me. It’s something that 50% of the population have experienced so maybe it’s happened to you too. And I bet you didn’t share it with your colleagues either.

I certainly couldn’t talk about it. So I lied to my co-hosts. And then the lie (much like my “little problem”) got bigger and bigger and bigger. Until I couldn’t… ahem, sit on it any longer.

And if you want more information about the show visit cynthiaandjosie.com.


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