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Julien Baker shares Jesu remix of ‘Favor’

Julien Baker has released a Jesu remix of “Favor” from her forthcoming remix EP.

Little Oblivions Remixes EP is out on September 1st, and it sees notable artists remixing tracks from her most recent album. Today, we’ve gotten a preview from UK experimental and industrial artist Jesu (a.k.a. Justin Broadrick).

“Having already been a fan of Julien since her first album, it was wonderful to hear that Julien was in turn a fan of Jesu,” Broadrick says of the remix. “The request for the remix, and being able to work Julien’s voice and music in the context of Jesu, was something both daunting and very exciting. I reimagined Julien’s song to accommodate Jesu’s heavy and melancholy guitars and much much more. After much self doubt I was heartened to hear that Julien and all concerned loved the remix. This one I am truly proud of…”

Listen to the remix of “Favor” below.

About Little Oblivions Remixes EP:

The forthcoming EP features remixes of Baker’s Little Oblivions tracks from Half Waif, Helios, Gordi, and Thao, Upon its announcement, Baker also shared Helios’ remix of “Bloodshot.” The electronic composer transformed the heavy tune into a dreamy anthem.

“I was excited when Julien Baker reached out about doing a remix, because I respect her work and it was an interesting challenge to do a remix of singer/songwriter material in the context of my approach which is more in the electronic/ambient world,” Helios explains of his Little Oblivions Remixes contribution. “I wanted to keep the integrity of the original composition, which was great, but also wanted to create enough of a spin to give it a distinctly new quality. My approach to remixes is to use as much of the original material as possible, but to use those elements as a base to create a variety of new textures.”

Check out the tracklist for Little Oblivions Remixes below and pre-order the collection here.

Little Oblivions Remixes Tracklist:

01 – “Faith Healer (Half Waif Remix)”
02 – “Bloodshot (Helios Remix)”
03 – “Ringside (Gordi Remix)”
04 – “Favor (Jesu Remix)”
05 – “Ziptie (Thao Remix)”

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