July Talk Release Info on New Album ‘TOUCH’ + Video for ‘Push + Pull’

Anticipation heightens with massive new video and album details

Indie88 faves July Talk have finally released details for their forthcoming album. Along with the track listing, the band announced that their new the album will be titled Touch and will drop on September 9th 2016.

As an extra treat the band has also given us a brand new video for their lead-off single, “Push + Pull”. The video, shot in their trademark black & white aesthetic, was directed by Nadia Tan (Bry Webb, Arkells, Ohbijou), produced by Peter Dreimanis, and choreographed by Leah Fayis.


“When July Talk first approached me to make a music video for Push + Pull, I had a long phone conversation with Pete about the meaning of the song. He told me it was about Western excess, about our never-ending appetite, about the types of people who consume and consume and don’t know when to stop, about our irrational but constant need for more food, more mind-altering substances, more sex, more ‘likes’, more money, more things,” says director, Nadia Tan. “I thought it would be interesting to try to capture these themes in the video through raw documentary-style footage showing various groups of people partaking in excess in different ways across North America over the course of one night.”

Track Listing for Touch

1. Picturing Love
2. Beck + Call
3. Strange Habit
4. Now I Know
5. Johnny + Mary
6. Push + Pull
7. Lola + Joseph
8. So Sorry
9. Jesus Said So
10. Touch

July Talk - Touch