Junked Food Co. Goes Mad Scientist with Soft Serve

Ice Cream Insanity

Dairy Farmers must be making a killing from Toronto this season. The latest food obsession of decked out ice cream concoctions has become the city’s most sought after summer treat.

Junked Food Co. at Dundas and Dovercourt is the latest shop to offer up wacky, kitchen-sink style ice cream cones. For the past few weeks, they’ve been testing out new soft-serve combinations topped with anything from Nerds to Fruit Loops.


They even offer a PB+J cone, topped with Swedish Berry Jalapeno sauce and bananas.


How about the S’Moreo, which is pretty much exactly as it sounds.


Take a look at more of their glorious creations below:

A photo posted by Junked Food Co. (@junkedfoodco) on

A photo posted by Junked Food Co. (@junkedfoodco) on

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Image courtesy Junked Food Co.