Just Loud | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Just Loud performs "Soul Train" and "Electrified" live in the Collective Arts Black Box.

Growing up in Virginia, Just Loud’s youth revolved around his small country church until he, thanks to his rebellious nature, was cast out at age 15. He decided to pursue music, releasing his first EP Episode 1 last year, quickly gaining over 1 million streams on his first single Electrified.

His music also reached the ears of the legendary Debbie Harry, who contributed to his biggest single to date, “Soul Train.” “I knew someone who was on Soul Train years ago—she got kicked off,” says Just Loud about the song. “When we parted ways, I was like, ‘I’m gonna write a song about that.’ It’s a rebellious record—I want everyone to get up, move, and have a good time.”

His self-titled debut album is due out this year via Five Seven Music.