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Justin Trudeau doing balancing tricks with other peoples’ toddlers is all you need to see today

Not all politicians have the same campaign-rally tricks. While you might expect the usual baby-forehead kissing, exuberant waving, or even the occasional confetti canon blast (okay we wish) from candidates like Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair, our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a trick up his sleeve to help him distinguish himself from his former opponents. As it turns out, Trudeau is a world-class baby-balancer.


Trudeau learned the trick from his dad and former prime minister, Pierre, he told The Vancouver Sun. He said that all kids want to stand up, even if they don’t know how.


“See, I don’t just do this with my own kids,” Justin said after defying gravity with a six-month-old while the baby’s anxious parents tried to capture the strange moment on camera.


“They’re very excited. You twist their ankles at the same time as you’re holding them up, and their (knees) lock and they’re just happy to be big and proud and they can see everything and everyone’s smiling,”


Looking good Mr. Prime Minster! This is even better than his falling down the stairs “party trick“. We just hope he doesn’t combine the two.

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