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Justin Trudeau Graces The Cover of Rolling Stone

Justin Trudeau has joined an elite class of world leaders who have landed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The magazine rolled out its latest issue Wednesday, with Canada’s Prime Minister gracing the cover, which has also featured former presidents of the United States Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the past.

The article contains a lot of comparing and contrasting with Donald Trump. The cover headline poses the question: “Why Can’t He Be Our President?” Have a look below.

Trudeau talks about his relationship with Trump, and the challenges of keeping it constructive while not standing in line with him on many issues.

“Obviously, I disagree [with Trump] on a whole bunch, but Canadians expect me to accomplish two things at the same time, which is emphasize where we disagree and stand up firmly for Canadian interests,” said Trudeau. “But we also have a constructive working relationship, and me going out of my way to insult the guy or overreact or jump at everything he says [that] we might disagree with is not having a constructive relationship.”

The cover was revealed early Wednesday morning, shortly after Trump took to Twitter to announce that the United States government will no longer accept or allow transgender people to serve in the military in any capacity.

While many Canadians may not agree on the rosy perspective our neighbours to the south have of Trudeau, we could do worse.

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