Justin Trudeau hosted a Google Hangout with students on his first day as PM

Students asked, Justin Trudeau answered

It’s no secret that Justin himself was a drama teacher back in the day. His experience working with children seemed to have taught him something that his opposition hasn’t quite grasped– Canadian youth are crucial, and hey, they’re listening. Take into consideration that according to Global News this election did have the largest voter turnout since 1997. Could the disinterested youth be finally stepping up their game, even if it was just to defeat Emperor Harper?

Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister just yesterday, and his first act in office was pretty awesome – he hosted a google hangout with grade school students across the country. The thirteen minute long clip covered an array of issues from immigration, to tax cuts for the middle class and it’s consequential effect on low-income families.

On the subject of teaching, Justin Trudeau told The Star: “A good teacher is not someone who stands in front of the class and gives all the answers. A good teacher is someone who knows what challenges their students are facing”. I think his advice could be cross-dimensional. Watch the full Google Hangout in the player above.

What do you think of our new PM?