k-os Releases New Single and Joins Dine Alone Records

k-os releases a new single, and signs to new label

k-os is back with a new track titled “WiLD4TheNight (Ego Land)”. It’s the first tease off his sixth studio album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, to be released sometime in 2015. To write this track, k-os returned to his roots in Trinidad, where his family hails.

“My Canadian accent set me apart from kids there—they used to say ‘Yankee go home’ and stuff like that. I didn’t fit in, but going back opened up a well of passion,” says k-os. “This new single, which is raw, could only be this way because I feel new. And to feel new to a style sometimes you have to step away from it.Can’t Fly Without Gravity is the sound of somebody who’s consciously forgotten about pop music to understand it again. We all need to forget something that we like so that we can like it again.”

In addition to releasing a new single, k-os has signed on with Canadian indie label Dine Alone Records, who will be releasing his album Can’t Fly Without Gravity.

Listen to “WiLD4theNight (Ego Land)” below.