Kandle Announces Sophomore Record, Shares Single ‘Child of Fate’

Holy Smoke arrives September 28

Kandle is set to release her sophomore effort, Holy Smoke, on September 28 via Sleepless Records. The Montreal-based singer-songwriter has unveiled the record’s first single, “Child of Fate.”

“Child of Fate” is a meandering, soulful track that builds to uplifting finish, showcasing Kandle’s wide range of influences. It came together out of heartbreak and vulnerability.

“The record was done, I was heartbroken and singing in the shower constantly,” Kandle said of the process leading to the writing of ‘Child of Fate’ in a release. “I was listening to hundreds of old sad soulful songs in 6/8, to help cope with my pain. I slowly became determined to express that same raw vulnerability of abandonment and hurt. I teamed up with Leon Taheny and Michael Sonier and by the end of the day one, we had it. And that little piece of pure raw emotion made its way onto Holy Smoke.”

Holy Smoke Tracklist
Sink n Sin
Child of Fate
Nobody Wants You Now
Last Breath
When My Body Breaks
In Your Shadow
The Enemy
Before I’m Cold
Little Girl
Broken Boys