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Kandle | Live From Home

British Columbia artist Kandle has taken part in our recurring Live From Home series, where she performed her recent single, “Honey Trap.”

Taking to a warm setting with Mother Mother’s Debra-Jean Creelman and Kendel Carson of Alan Doyle, Kandle delivers a stunning stripped-back, strings-based rendition of the tune.

“It is easy to overlook the subtleties involved in manipulation,” Kandle explains of the track. “For women with drive and motivation, one may already be conditioned to believe that your body or or sexuality are the only real assets that society values of yours. Under this conditioning, it isn’t hard to imagine all the ways these assets can be turned against you by an abuser, and the idea of using your body as a tool to move forward when all other avenues are closed doesn’t seem extreme. What other path is there? You start to believe it’s your choice, albeit a self-sacrificial one. Only when you start to break free, it becomes clear that you were never given the choice in the first place. We play their game until we make our own.”

Watch Kandle’s Live From Home performance below.

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