Baseball Fever Running High: Kansas City and Toronto Public Library Duke it Out Over Twitter

Baseball fever is spreading

UPDATE: The battle rages on between the two libraries! Follow the story down below.

Toronto and Kansas are in a heated battle right now as our two baseball teams face off for the fifth game in the ALCS series tonight.

Things could get real heavy if the Jays lose tonight, ending our shot at the World Series title this year. But our city’s public library’s have been busy keeping things light over Twitter, firing back and forth picture of books cleverly arranged to send subtle nudges at the opposing city.

Things all started when the Kansas City Public Library tweeted this cute picture:

To which TPL clevery replied:

Things didn’t end there:

But Toronto kept it classy:

Richmond Hill’s public library sneaks a word in:

Nice Rhymes KC…

To which Toronto replied:


Let’s hope that’s not the end of it! We’ll keep you posted as it continues. Go Jays!