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Kanye Pulls a Kanye and Has a Twitter Meltdown over a Misunderstanding

If you’re Kanye West, it’s easy to have misunderstandings with your underlings. As the self-proclaimed “Greatest Musician Ever,” you’re sure to get a lot of hate. That could be the reason for his “jumpiness” online. But who knows, it’s not easy to justify Kanye’s actions, especially when you’re talking about the man who will run for President in 2020, was once petitioned to not record a David Bowie cover album and someone that David Crosby is not a fan of.

Yet, as Ye gears up to release Waves (formerly called Swish), his eighth studio album -in true Kanye style- is causing a lot of stir on Twitter.

With that being said, let’s get right into it.

On Wednesday, he blasted more than 30 tweets in a rant against Wiz Khalifa. It all started when Kanye announced he would change his album name from Swish to Waves. Khalifa responded with this:

Wiz then tweeted that Max B created “the wave,” and that “there is no wave without him.”

Kanye responded, “All respect to [producer] Andre Harrel and Max B.”

Wiz, not buying it, replied with a terse, “Yea aight.”

And that’s where it should have ended right there. But then this:

Instead, Wiz tweeted about “kk” which prompted Kanye to think it was a subtweet about his wife Kim and go all “I AM A GOD” on his ass.

Here are the highlights:


Little did Ye know that Khalifa wasn’t tweeting about Kim at all. He was actually talking about his own brand of marijuana, “Khalifa Kush.”

But it was too late. The damage was done. Kanye responded in an appropriate, unapologetic Kanye style:

He then also went on to mourn Khalifa’s twitter feed.

Moral of the story: never refer to “kk” in front of Kanye and always compliment someone who wears “cool pants.”

Check out “No More Parties In La” in anticipation of Kanye’s new album.

Main image courtesy Super 45 via Flickr

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