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Kanye West Caught Torrenting Sufjan Stevens

Kanye just can’t catch a break. After his recent backstage SNL meltdown, a crippling $53m debt and a public Twitter plea to Zuckerberg for a Billion-dollar bail-out, the Life of Pablo artist is downloading music like any other regular Joe, the illegal way.

Last night, Kanye tweeted a screengrab of his Macbook with the caption, “Day 3,” documenting the progress of his next album, Turbo Grafx 16 and alluding the possibility that he’ll be sampling Sufjan Stevens. However, the other tabs open on his browser caused another uproar.

Upon closer inspection you can see a link to the torrenting site Pirate Bay, and a Serum torrent noted by none other than, deadmau5, who also co-founded Xfer Records, the company behind the Serum software.

Another tab was a Music Radar article about Serum. A third tab linked to “MediaDownloader,” a website that enables music downloads from YouTube. Putting the evidence together, one would assume Kanye ripped Sufjan’s song “Death With Dignity”, which he then used to create a beat on Serum.

It should be noted that, in Kanye’s defense, any use of Sufjan Steven’s music (to be officially released) needs to be cleared and he would be given compensation if Kanye were to sample “Death with Dignity.”

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