Kanye West: ‘I am distancing myself from politics’

Chicago rapper does about-face in burst of tweets

Kanye West appears to be backtracking his commitment to the “Make America Great Again” movement after stringing together a series of tweets in which he declared he will be distancing himself from politics to focus on being creative.

The Chicago-born rapper has become a divisive force since making regular appearances sporting a #MAGA hat, taking meetings with President Donald Trump, and stating his admiration for the 45th President of the United States. In his latest public performance, West has aired his support for prison reform, “common sense” gun laws, and “love and compassion for people seeking asylum.”

This is great news for those who just want to enjoy West’s music without the distraction of his proclivity to support and side with one of the most polarizing humans on the planet.

West also stated that he never wanted to be associated with Blexit, a conservative campaign that attempts to rally black voters to vote against the Democrats. Conservative pundit Candace Owens has previously said that West had designed t-shirts for the movement. She has since backtracked that claim.