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The Karen’s Diner Calgary Experience Is Here (& It’s Terrible)!

You Won’t Feel Too Welcome At Karen’s Diner 

Are you ready for the most fun you’ve had eating burgers, ever? Karen’s Diner Calgary is coming soon, and you’re going to love this interactive dining experience. Or… maybe you won’t love it, but you sure will remember it!

Basically, Karen’s Diner is a popup restaurant in the style of a classic old-school diner. However, there’s something distinct about it: The servers are all rude Karens. They’ll roll their eyes at you, make fun of what you order, and even taunt you in front of your friends.

It’s all a part of the Karen’s Diner and the rude staff experience. And yes, it will likely be sold out because people will not only pay for – but line up for – an experience with service that treats them horribly. Fun!

Can You Actually Eat At The Diner?

karens diner calgary
Image: @karensdinernorthrocks on Instagram

Yes, you can actually eat at Karen’s Diner in Calgary and at all of their locations. They promise “great food and rude service” and they’re very consistent with that delivery.

You’re going to enjoy the names they’ve come up with as well. The Basic Karen is Wagyu Beef with Swiss cheese on a burger, and the “I Want to See The Manager” is two burger patties with lots of cheese, bacon, and manager-mustard sauce.

All in all, the food looks delicious. But don’t tell them that; they’ll make fun of you for seeming too eager.

Karen’s Diner Is Popping Up All Over The Place

karens diner calgary
Image: @karensdinerofficial on Instagram

Karen’s Diner Calgary is just a stopover onto a whole long list of other Karen’s Diner experiences. From Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia, then St. Louis in the States and of course Calgary in Canada you’ll find these servers being rude all over the world.

In addition to Karen’s Diner Calgary, you’ll also find them making fun of innocent bystanders in Vancouver and Toronto as well. You can go here to get all the dates and locations for this hilarious interactive dining experience.

Is It Permanent?

karens diner calgary
Image: @karensdinerofficial on Instagram

Karen’s Diner is not a permanent fixture in Calgary. It’s going to be operating at a secret location in Calgary from November 5 to November 27, 2023.

If you’d like to get on the list to be the first to know where exactly you can get very rude service and great burgers, go here and subscribe to their newsletter.

Stopping By Karen’s Diner, Calgary

karens diner calgary
Image: @karensdinerofficial on Instagram

Make sure to stop by for all the fun you didn’t know you wanted. Why is it to appealing to have servers be rude to you? We’re not exactly sure, but we’re going to line up for it just like everybody else.

Average vibes only is our kinda place.

How Long Is The Pop Up Running For?

karens diner calgary
Image: @karensdinerofficial on Instagram

Sadly this popup restaurant with horrible servers is only open at its secret location in Calgary from November 5 to November 27, 2023. We’ll be getting about three weeks of great food and living out our Karen dreams towards the end of 2023.

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