Kasabian Mistakenly Calls The Entirety of London The C-Word

Might want to re-look at the production staff again, guys.

A ‘production error’ during Kasabian’s recent Glasgow concert caused a very unfortunate message to be projected on the screen behind the band as they played their song “Clouds”.

Incredibly, the message read “London is full of cunts”.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno issued a statement, blaming the band’s production team.

We were as shocked as anyone else. The production team fucked up. There were supposed to be photos of mundane objects in that section but instead I turned around in the middle of ‘Clouds’ and couldn’t believe my eyes. We were all shocked and certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.

To add to the debacle, Kasabian are scheduled to begin a five-night stand in London on starting on December 1st.