Kendrick Lamar Is Banning Cell Phones At His Concerts

To enhance live shows

UPDATE (11:06 AM): According to Pitchfork, a rep of Kendrick Lamar has told the outlet that the artist will not be banning cell phones at concerts, only professional photographers.

Following in Jack White’s footsteps, Kendrick Lamar announced this weekend that he’ll be banning all cell phones at his upcoming shows.

The ban will take in place for Lamar’s European tour with James Blake as opener, though is unconfirmed for the North American leg. The ban is all part of Kendrick Lamar’s effort to enhance the live experience of his live performances, as the Guardian explains:

“The Grammy-award winning rapper, who has collaborated on the soundtrack of the new Black Panther Marvel film, is not even letting professional photographers into the auditorium for this leg of his tour.”

Rock artist Jack White was the latest artist in a trend of high-profile musicians who have taken up banning cell phones at shows. In January White announced he’d be banning phones at his shows for a “100% human experience”.

Kendrick Lamar posted at tweet on the weekend thanking the producers of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther for letting him put together the movie’s official soundtrack. The star-studded soundtrack includes collaborations with The Weeknd, SZA, James Blake, Vince Staples and many more.