Kensington Market Ice Cream Shop Rolling Up Frosty Trend

What's a summer bod anyway?

You may have noticed it’s a bit toasty today. No really- Environment Canada issued an extreme heat warning, with the humidex reaching a crazy 40 degrees!

With these hot summer days adding up, we are noticing something in common amongst city-goers: Torontonians really dig their ice cream joints.

Frosty Roll, a take out ice cream hot spot in Kensington Market, is serving udder-ly delicious Thai-style ice cream rolls. And if you don’t know what ice cream rolls are, here’s the scoop!

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At first glance, the little cup appears to be full of mini purple yoga matts, but upon further investigation, the summertime treat actually features rolled up ice cream! And, as if that’s not intriguing enough, the ice cream mix used in all Frosty Roll products is handmade from scratch every day before the store opens.

We’re also down for anything that reps our beautiful nation. Yup, that’s a Maple Leaf Cream Cookie you see.

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Whether you take your dessert with Oreos, strawberries or two pounds of candy, Frosty Roll’s got your back!

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Rolled ice cream is a style adopted from Thai street vendors, where a thin layer of ice cream is spread out on a cold, flat surface, and rolled up into neat little mats. Check out this video of a street vendor rolling up these sweet treats with great expertise.

Frosty Roll Located at 280 Augusta Ave.

Main images courtesy of louisetastic and ssophialove via Instagram